How do you clean Ugg Boots with wax stains?


I dropped a dish scented wax melting in my brand new UGG Boots and I can not get the wax oil. I made the paper bag and hairdryer thing to lift the wax, but there are still dark spots on them from the oils in the wax. Can anyone offer suggestions?

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5 Responses to “How do you clean Ugg Boots with wax stains?”

  1. Ix.XI

    I dont know…but whatever you choose to do. Whatever the outcome of your situation is, do NOT mix bleach and ammonia.

  2. TERRI T

    Can you wash the boots with saddle soap?

  3. redlox

    You might want to contact the company to find out from them… who better than the people who put them together, huh?

  4. Mukunda M

    I did some research and found that these were very successful in removing oil and grease stains from suede:
    Dropped pepperoni on brand new Ugg boots. Was removed using a school erasure (pencil/ink) on the stain.
    This worked for butter on Uggs. Used “suede cleaning stone” from Walmart (it’s like a giant eraser) It did the trick.
    Car grease on washable Suede. Use ENERGINE Spot Remover. Found in some stores with the specialty cleaners (for example brass cleaner/silver polish) and hardware stores. It is 100% naphtha. You need to use it carefully.
    Hand cleaner for auto mechanics. Work it into the stain and wipe off with a clean cloth. It make take a few applications to get it all. Then brush with a suede brush.
    So I hope one of them does the trick for you!

  5. zarem

    I had a candle spill its wax in my camper carpeting, I used a product called Goof off, you can buy it at a hardware store, it worked!!!
    You might want to try it

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